Prof. Dr. Qingguo Xie

Research: Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Electronics.
Distinguished professor at the School of Life Science and technology.
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Prof. Dr. Nicola D’Ascenzo

Research: Medical Physics, Computational physics, High energy physics.
Professor at the School of Life Science and Technology.
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Prof. Dr. Aurore Savoy-Navarro

Research: High energy physics, instrumentation R&D, HEP detectors and signal processing.
Directeur des recherches at IRFU-CEA & CNRS/IN2P3, Paris. Chair of the IAC of INFIERI Schools.
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Yuqing Liu

Responsible for: Registration, Import/Export for labs, Classroom facilities and lecture recording, Banquet.
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Yaya Yang

Responsible for: Invitation letters VISUM, Relations with press, Transportation, Coffee breaks, Continuous Assistance.
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Feng Zhou

Responsible for: Relations with students, Accommodation for students and lecturers, Website, Lab registration, Sport and free time.
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