The Editing of the Proceedings of the INFIERI 2019 School edition is launched on August 1st 2019.
The contribution to these Proceedings includes:
1) the Lectures and Evening Keynote contributions
2) the selected Lab sessions
3) the selected posters

Each contributor will receive an invitation from the Editor.
The papers are submitted to the Journal of Instrumentation, JINST, according to the editing and reviewers rules of this International peered Journal. The templates and the rules are explained in the message here below that will be addressed to the contributors.
All the contributions are expected at latest by December 1st for the Lectures and November 1st for the posters. The publication will be submitted to the exchanges with and final acceptance by the referees and thus might take additional 3 to 4 months for all the Proceedings contributions to be published.

1) Letter to the Contributors
"Dear Contributors,
The proceedings for INFIERI2019, held on May 12 to 26, 2019 will be published in the Proceedings Section of JINST, Journal of Instrumentation.
To prepare your contribution for submission, please use the JINST Proceedings templates at
Kindly notice that the number of pages should not exceed 20 pages for contributed lectures and evening Keynotes, or 6 pages to maximum 8 pages for the selected posters.

When writing your contribution, in addition to the scientific quality and relevance of the subject matter, it is advisable also to check the quality of formatting, language and style (i.e. incoherent use of unit of measure; different conventions used in the same paper such as abbreviations \3 s", \3 sec", \3 seconds" and position: \3C", \3 C"; poorly organized tables; etc.)

When your contribution is ready for submission, please follow the instructions below:
1. Connect to and register;
2. in the “Submit” section of the page select the link “submit a proceedings contribution” (see attached screenshot 1);
3. select the INFIERI2019 conference from the list (see attached screenshot 2);
4. follow the step-by-step procedure for submission, referring to the instructions available in the section “For Authors” at the top of the JINST home page (

Kindly make sure you submit your contribution by November 1st, 2019 for posters and December 1st for Lectures."

2) Additional Screenshots 1) and 2):

3) Include your final accepted contribution in the School website:
When your paper is submitted and accepted, the corresponding file should be included in the "CALL for PAPERS" in the internal pages of this website,

And submit your paper there.